Share Astronomy – Please Share Astronomy

As you may know, Share Astronomy is a fairly new web site. Up to this point, most of the communication has been one way – from me to you. I've written blog posts on a wide variety of topics including iPhone astronomy apps and the joys of observing from Coonabarabran, Australia. I've shown you lots of images from NEAF 2010 and I've interviewed Hanny van Arkel the discoverer of Hanny's Voorwerp. I've also interviewed Fred Koch the founder of the Three Rivers Foundation and Alan Traino the head of NEAF. And, I'm happy to say, we have enjoyed success. Share Astronomy has had thousands of visits from readers in 58 countries covering all continents except Antarctica.

However, in spite of our success, I'm puzzled.  Why?  Because I have always envisioned Share Astronomy as a site where people literally share astronomy. It would be great to see people commenting on blog posts and sharing their thoughts and ideas. It would be fantastic to see people posting their projects on the Share Astronomy Projects page.

Let's take imagers as an example. I know many astro imagers like to share their images with others. Vendor specific groups on Yahoo and Google are filled with people who post their images for others to see. Well, you can still do that, and at the same time you can also post your images on Share Astronomy and reach a potentially wider audience. There's really nothing to lose and much to gain.

Adding projects (even if they are not complete) – of any type – is easy and free. Just do the following:

  1. Login. (If you're not already a member just sign up.)
  2. Click on the "My Projects" menu tab.
  3. Click on the orange button labeled "Add New Project".
  4. Fill in the project fields and press the "Create and Continue to Add Images" button.
  5. Enter the first image description, choose your image file name and press "Add Image".
  6. Repeat step 5 until you have added all your images.
  7. It's easy!

By the way, if you have ideas on how to make Share Astronomy better please contact me at Ken [dot] Hudson [at] nealstreetdesign [dot] com. (Sorry, for the unusual spelling but you have to watch out for the spammers!)

Please take this opportunity to share, learn and collaborate. Oh yes, also please have some fun!

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One Response to Share Astronomy – Please Share Astronomy

  1. Ken Hudson says:

    Changing Share Astronomy from a full-featured web application to a blog only has resulted in this blog post being irrelevant. However, I have included it here in the interest of completeness.

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