Got a Big Dob? Need Some Accessories?

I think the companies focused on the amateur astronomy market are fascinating. Most are small but that doesn’t stop them from producing interesting innovative products. If you have a big – or not so big – dob (particularly an Obsession telescope) you might be interested in Markless™ Astronomics. They have an interesting product line that includes:

  • The Netbook Stalk II™ which allows you attach your netbook (perhaps running planetarium or star charting software) to your telescope.
  • The DSC Stalk™ II which holds your digital setting circles (Argo Navis, Sky Commander, etc).
  • The Markless™ Counterweight System which can be used to rebalance your Obsession Telescope (or most other dobsonian telescopes) after your have changed eyepieces, etc.
  • A battery bracket
  • Their Spider Wiring Kit™
  • And many other interesting items.

If you have a dob, you might want to check out their site.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any products from Markless™ Astronomics yet and I received no compensation of any type for mentioning their web site. I just thought it was interesting.

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