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Interview with Sarah Maddison – Swinburne Astronomy Online

Have you ever wished that you could get a degree in astronomy? I'm sure that many of you are responding with a resounding "yes!". Guess what? You probably can get a degree in astronomy. Depending on where you live and … Continue reading

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Visit Sunspot and Apache Point

I spent last week in New Mexico on vacation – what a fascinating state. For example, did you know that per capita New Mexico has more PhD's than any other U.S. state? I guess this shouldn't be surprising given the … Continue reading

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Mars Science Laboratory – Send Your Name to Mars

In the fall of 2011, NASA is scheduled to launch the Mars Science Laboratory. If everything goes well the rover (pictured on the left in an image from NASA/JPL-Caltech) should land on Mars in August 2012. The principal goal of … Continue reading

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