NEAF 2010 – Show Update Two

Continuing with this morning's theme I have more pictures from NEAF 2010. Please remember that you can click on any image to see a larger version.

In addition to the new CCA-250P telescope, the Takahashi booth had another nice surprise – the new Β-SGR Electric Focusing System. It is a high precision semi-automatic focuser that uses software that searches the entire image and determines the best focus position. Here it is:

Takahashi SGR Electric Focuser at NEAF

Of course an astronomy show wouldn't be an astronomy show without some giveaways. This is the scene around the Stellarvue booth during their giveaway session:

Stellarvue Booth at NEAF

This is a view of the Stellarvue SV160 APO Triplet:

Stellarvue SV160 APO at NEAF

I'm very interested in learning more about solar observing so I spent some time at the Lunt Solar Systems booth talking to Rikki Hocking about solar telescopes – how they're constructed and how they work. Rikki was very helpful and I learned a lot. Of course, now I have something else on my wish list – a brand new solar scope! This is Rikki at the Lunt booth:

Lunt Booth at NEAF

Many of you are probably familiar with the iOptron MiniTower and MiniTower Pro mounts. And, you may have heard about their new line of German equatorial mounts. Both of the new mounts were at NEAF. This image shows the iEQ45 which has a payload capacity of 45 lbs and a mount weight of 25 lbs:

iEQ45 Mount at NEAF

This is the iEQ75-GT mount which has a payload capacity of 75 lbs and a periodic error of 0.3 arc seconds:

iEQ75-GT Mount at NEAF

And finally last but certainly not least Astronomics had a very nice display of many Astro-Tech scopes. This image show the Astro-Tech AT-130 f6 triplet APO:

Astro-Tech AT-130 Telescope

Tomorrow I will have at least one more post. Among other things, I'm planning on showing you some very big telescopes.

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