Astro Imaging – Canon DSLR Name Matrix

I am interested in using Canon DSLR's for astro imaging and I bet many of you are, too. As you've no doubt noticed Canon has a very confusing marketing strategy when it comes to naming some of their cameras. Specifically, mid-range and entry-level Canon DSLR's have three product names – one for North America, one for Japan and another name used everywhere else (the worldwide name). If you frequent astronomy forums like Cloudy Nights, IceInSpace,,, etc it can be difficult to keep track of the names used in posts from members in other countries. Included below is a table that should help.

Worldwide Name North American Name Japanese Name
Canon EOS 300D EOS Digital Rebel EOS Kiss Digital
Canon EOS 350D EOS Digital Rebel XT EOS Kiss N Digital
Canon EOS 400D EOS Digital Rebel XTi EOS Kiss X Digital
Canon EOS 450D EOS Rebel XSi EOS Kiss X2 Digital
Canon EOS 500D EOS Rebel T1i EOS Kiss X3 Digital
Canon EOS 550D EOS Rebel T2i EOS Kiss X4 Digital
Canon EOS 1000D EOS Rebel XS EOS Kiss F Digital

I did a thorough review to ensure the accuracy of the above information. However, if you find errors please let me know by posting a comment.

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