Three Great Science-Oriented Web Sites

Webb Telescope Screen ShotI like to draw attention to quality web sites and today I have three that I'd like to share. The first is a site from NASA that provides an interactive 3D tour of the Webb Space Telescope. The site is organized into three sections: optics, instruments and systems. Each section is divided into subsections. As you click on a particular component of the telescope a graphic representation shows you where the item is located and a text box displays an in-depth description. One of the graphics I like best shows the primary mirror size in comparison to the Hubble primary mirror and a human being. This site is very well done and you could easily spend a lot of time learning about the various components of the Webb Space Telescope. Links at the bottom of the page take you to additional excellent NASA Webb Space Telescope web sites.

Space Place Screen ShotThe second site on my list is also from NASA. It's a web site designed specifically for children. It is called Space Place. The site has "games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology". Any child – and a lot of adults – would have a great time on this site. There is an electronic coloring book that uses "crayons" controlled with the mouse or you can print individual pictures that can be colored the old fashioned way with real crayons. There are more than 30 different games and about 10 animations and a long list of amazing facts. There is even a Teacher's corner with classroom activity suggestions and a poster download section. If you have children or work with children you should definitely check out this web site.

Astrobites Screen ShotMy third recommendation is a relatively new site called Astrobites. Astrobites was created by graduate students for undergraduates. This is a great web site if you are interested in astronomy and astrophysics. The primary goal of Astrobites is to present one paper per day from astro-ph which is the astrophysics section of (an e-print service where researchers post their current work). However, other posts have fallen into the career navigation, personal experiences or quick notes categories. I really like this web site a lot. The participating graduate students are all very good writers and very adept at summarizing and explaining complex topics. Be sure to check out this site!

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