NEAF 2011 – Pictures – Set 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Share Astronomy's continuing coverage of NEAF 2011. Please remember that you can click on any image and see a larger version. Our first image shows a 14" Celestron EdgeHD SCT mounted on a Celestron CGEPro mount.

Celestron EdgeHD 14 inch at NEAF

The image below shows a Planewave 24" CDK mounted on an Astro-Physics 3600 GTO GEM also known as "El Capitan" at the Astro-Physics booth.

PlaneWave CDK 24 inch at NEAF

Also at the Astro-Physics booth was a 130 Starfire EDF Gran Turismo telescope on a Mach 1 GTO mount. I'm on the waiting list for one of these telescopes. I think I only have 6 or 7 years left to wait!

Astrophysics at NEAF

As I mentioned in my first blog post from NEAF 2011, NEAF isn't just about telescopes and cameras. Here's a wonderful display of MoonLite focusers. This was only 1 display of 3 at the MoonLite booth.

MoonLite Focusers at NEAF

Here's another new product at this year's NEAF – the new SBig ST-i planetary camera and guider.

SBIG ST-i Camera at NEAF

At the beginning of this blog post, I showed you a picture of a Celestron 14" EdgeHD telescope but I certainly don't want to leave out Meade. Here's a beautiful Meade 20" Max-ACF SCT.

Meade 20 inch SCT at NEAF

Shown below is the new Software Bisque Paramount MX mount with an Officina Stellare Pro RC 250 telescope.

Software Bisque Paramount MX at NEAF

Tomorrow we will be back at NEAF 2011 and we will post more pictures. See you then!

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