NEAF 2011 – Pictures – Set 3

Yesterday was cloudy, rainy and cold at NEAF 2011. Today was mostly sunny which was good news because the Solar Star Party was able to proceed as you can see from the image below (remember to click on any image to see a larger version):

NEAF Solar Viewing

While the Solar Star Party was in full swing outside, the exhibit hall was filled with activity inside. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog posts there are a lot of different types of vendors at NEAF. The following image is good example. This is an 11.5 foot ExploraDome II with an optional bay extension.

Exploradome at NEAF

The Meteorite Men were extremely popular at NEAF 2010 and just as popular at NEAF 2011. Here's the 109 pound pallasite meteorite which was found by the Meteorite Men at the "secret alpha site".

Meteorite at NEAF

The PlaneWave booth is always a popular destination at any astronomy show. Why? Well, probably because they have some beautiful large telescopes. This is a 24" CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham).

PlaneWave 24 inch at NEAF

Lance Frederick, owner of Monstar Prints, has a unique business. He provides vinyl banners, table throws, scope wraps, shack wraps and MonSTAR prints for the individual astronomers, clubs and other organizations. You can see some of his MonSTAR prints in the image below:

Monstar Prints at NEAF

Exploradome wasn't the only observatory vendor at NEAF. Here's a clamshell observatory from Astro Haven:

Exploradome at NEAF

Another popular telescope vendor at any show is Officina Stellare. The scope in the picture below is a Riccardi-Honders RH-200.

Officina Stellare Riccardi Honders at NEAF

That's it for today's pictures. However, that's not it for the NEAF 2011 blog posts. When I get back home and have some time I'm planning on writing a summary of my trip to NEAF. Please keep you eyes open for that blog post in a few days. Clear Skies!

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